Where Do You Find Your Food Inspiration?

You’d expect it on Food Network, but not ABC. I am discussing the cooking urge. It’s hard to see any cooking show, without the need to get up and start creating culinary masterpieces. But, to do this itch on a Wednesday evening while watching ABC… Not quite typical, right? Find out the recipes at Kate Keara.

I started watching Pushing Daisies by accident. It was the beginning of a brand new season of my proud TV-addict friends had scheduled their months to the minute, planning and preparation until each desired show was accounted for, and overlaps were scheduled into Tivo. I watched in fascination and entertainment. I have a few shows that I would like not to miss, but planning my week based on television isn’t my style.

Pushing Daisies caught my eye with its bright colors, exquisite costumes, and especially quirky and quick conversation. However, watching a series about a pie manufacturer and his childhood love has an extremely intriguing, subtle side impact. I started to fill this itch in the next episode; not just an itching to bake, but in addition, an itch to taste a homemade freshly baked pie.

Dialog often occurs at the kitchen of this pie manufacturer’s pie shop. While our personalities revolve around this week’s puzzle, they cut tomatoes, roll dough, and pull freshly made pies right from the oven. With the vivid colors and enhanced saturation of this show, you can almost smell the 3 plum pie and as the characters dig into eat, you can taste the sweet strawberry or caramel apple crisp.

By the end credits, I’m already in the kitchen grinding for honey and bread. Each week, I crave curry. But, now I plan so – running into the supermarket before Wednesday and taking the leftovers to my spoiled, enlarging co-workers.

Pushing Daisies has motivated great pie inventions on my part. When Chuck used honey in her pie recipe, so did I. I tested the amounts each week, seeing the way the sugar would need to be adjusted together with the sweet addition of this honey. Over time, I chased a very simple pie crust recipe that takes me minutes to make.

I set out to discover the ideal recipe and ratio to make a single pie to get a single person. How revolutionary! Rather than dirtying up a large about of your own kitchen and end up having enough pie to feed a healthy-sized family, one cup pie would be the perfect sweet treat for your cravings.

Uncovering these fantastic recipes was a labor of love, since, like the pie maker, I have my personal connection to pie recipes. I started my own website about baking and creating lovely Icelandic culinary desserts. As a result of dairy allergy, then there are few desserts from the spectrum of candies that don’t contain dairy.

A sharp wind rustles through what is left of the gold and brown leaves of my local trees. There is frost on the morning grass, also based on where you live, snow may already be painting the landscape a vivid white. The cold breezy days encourage bright walks through blowing leaves and the chilly nights inspire warm comfort foods eaten by cozy fireplaces. This time of year savory soups, hearty chili, and dense stews warm our bones and nourish our spirits.

When I was a child, my German-born and German-raised mother would nurture us with food. Every day she’d spend hours in the kitchen cooking old-world meals made from freshly picked garden vegetables and recipes passed down through the generations.

A number of her favorite love offerings comprised Sauerbraten (beef roast stewed with red vinegar and wine ), thick bacon-flavored lentil soup, hearty bean and ham soup, and authentic zesty bratwurst with potato dumplings and red cabbage.

After college, it would take almost thirty minutes to bundle up in two pairs of thick socks, boots, pants, water-resistant pants, many layers of sweaters, coat, mittens, scarf, and hat. Together with my layers, I would waddle out into the winter landscape and fully ready to play for many hours at the pristine white snow of upstate New York.

As dusk descended, the relaxing odor of her soups, stews, and casseroles would waft out the kitchen port with sharp contrast to the dry frigid air. Deeply inhaling the moist aromas of mom’s meals is a memory that will live with me forever.

Truth About Food!
Seeing my mom and grandmother (Oma) cook, and smelling the soothing aroma of their food motivated my love of life. To this very day, I like into the procedure of creation