Earth Day – Good News for the Environment

Since Earth Day 2006 approaches, there appears to be good news about the environmental landscape, which should come as a welcome shift to anybody concerned about the condition of our Earth. That is in stark contrast to the very first Earth Day back in 1970.

Earth Day 2006 sees ponds in New England starting to rally in their unfortunate condition after being bombarded with acid rainfall for decades. The acid rain itself has diminished, too, as well as the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that contain the majority of our air pollution have significantly diminished by 50 percent–thanks in no small part to how the burning of gas is almost a thing of the past.

Environmentalists also have been invited to detect that a range of species that are endangered, such as America’s national emblem, the bald eagle, in addition to wolves and grizzly bears, have started making a promising comeback. All that fantastic news is much more important once you compare the current environment to how things were about the very first Earth Day.

Back in Ohio, the Cuyahoga River was so polluted it really caught fire. In New York, each of the inhabitants of a neighborhood named Love Canal was made to move away indefinitely as it was found that their houses were built upon a poisonous chemical waste dump. Pollution in towns was so poor that residents were advised to stay inside because the atmosphere was really hazardous to breathe through”code red” days.

The intriguing issue is that the environmental developments happened regardless of increased stress in the USA. For example, EPA figures show that the overall emissions of the six big air pollutants fell by over 50 percent, although America’s population increased by 40 percent and energy intake rose by 47 percent. Automobile hydrocarbon emissions also decreased during this time, even though both the number of vehicles and the volume of miles driven over doubled.

Overall, it seems like America is headed in the ideal direction in respect to the environment. It has been a ferocious, hand-to-hand struggle, but the nation is moving ahead, because of committed environmentalists and bureaucrats at all levels of government.

But, though American rivers do not catch fire and the smog levels have diminished in most major cities, there is still a very long way to go. Urban sprawl remains to sabotages woodlands, prairies, and farmland, and global warming remains on the upswing. Nevertheless, the general trend is favorable. But we must work to keep the momentum set in motion by the first Earth Day in 1970.

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